What’s the purpose?

When you hear “What’s the purpose?” what do you think of? Is it family, service, work, fun, etc. The list can go on and can mean a number of different things to different people. For most it will probably be “What’s the purpose of my job?”. The answer could be, to get rich, to get by, to retire early, to make a difference, or it could be to be happy. Whatever the reason is, another question to think about is “Would you work, if you didn’t have to?”

When it comes down to it the purpose of work is to build up enough money to be able to stop, and then do what YOU want to do.

For the vast majority this will happen latter in life and even then you might not ever really get to stop working. Odds are you will have to work part time jobs, depend on the government, family, or no one….

If you are already working towards a good retirement then great, I encourage you to come back and read some more investing ideas I plan to share, but if you are behind in the game, or just starting out, I hope to provide some good information for you.

The purpose of these blogs will be to help people plan for retirement 100% TAX FREE!

That’s right, I will show you and guide you on what to do, where to invest and how to have it grow to the point that when you retire, you will be living out your days happy and no longer under anyone’s thumb!


If you want to get started investing and don’t want to worry about what to invest in, check out my created Motifs


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